Hello there!

Pleased to meet you.

I am Lintha, a nineteen-year old from a little state by the name of Kerala in India’s south.
I am an avid reader but that doesn’t stop me from re-reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson ten times over instead of the non-fiction I should be reading.
I enjoy playing sports and having a good cup of tea.
I’m a devout Muslim and a proud one at that.
I’m a geography nerd. I refresh my memory of all 195 country capitals and their place on the world map on a regular basis.
I’m a productivity “enthusiast”. The ‘productivity’ category is my favourite part of the App Store.
I’m an Economics student and I really enjoy the subject.
I listen to  music ranging from Ed Sheeran to Linkin Park (currently into Indie pop).
I like learning new things everyday. I’m on way to creating my own personal encyclopaedia. #LearningIsFun!
I can’t imagine my life without the internet.

I could go on, but I’ll stop for now.


This blog is the nth attempt at maintaining one, but this time I intend to actually do so.
Wish me luck, and I wish you a wonderful day.